Wednesday, 27 February 2013

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I have very lovely and talented nail arty friends who have encouraged me to get a blog so here I am! I'm looking forward to having somewhere to show off all of my (successful) nail art adventures.

I may have lots of posts in the beginning because I have quite a large backlog of photos from previous attempts. (I may even get a bit Christmassy, who knows!)

In the meantime I shall introduce myself with a blog post about my most recent arty attempt.

I recently purchased some Hexagon Nail Art Glitter Dust Powder from Born Pretty, link here. After some strong words about rubbish delivery my glitters finally arrived, numbers 5, 9 & 14. I love them;

I used my new nail art brushes (£1.84 from ebay - go buy they're awesome. here.) And my new dotting tools to pick up the glitter, again, super cheap and brill delivery (here).

More pics,

So that was last night and the last pic from the bus stop this morning. After this I met up with my equally addicted to nail art friend Saz. Here is a picture of both of our hands together;

And my belated Christmas present and loads of lovely nail art things for my to play with in the future! Very excited to try these... and a photo-framed picture of us in Maltaaaaa.


  1. We are so awesome! I will edit my blog-post from tonight with a link to your famous fingers.
    I well need to get some of that hex glitter. It's so nice!

    1. Aww yes please! You do, you need some hex glitter and a stamper, just to have a go at least! I'm not gonna get into it loads because it just feels too easy! I like the neatness sometimes but I only have one plate, I'm not getting carried away with it. x